Mar. 13, 2018

Municipal Proactive Zombie Property Enforcement

Legislation amending the New York State Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law (Zombie Property Law) now provides New York municipalities with a new and effective enforcement tool to address blight and to prevent further devaluation of homes in their communities.

This law is aimed at addressing the “zombie” property phenomena by requiring banks and lenders to take, among other things, timely pre-foreclosure action to identify, secure and maintain abandoned homes. A lender faces possible significant fines for its failure to comply with the law and allows localities to seek enforcement of the law.

Whiteman, Osterman & Hanna possesses practical knowledge of Zombie Property Law and can effectively assist municipalities to address vacant, abandoned, and “zombie” properties, under the New York legislation to address this problem.

The Firm will work with the municipality, local land banks, if any, and other municipal organizations to facilitate the intended purpose of the law to expedite the rehabilitation, repair and improvement of these vacant and abandoned properties.

Please do not hesitate to contact Thomas A. Shepardson, Esq. for additional information at 518-487-7663 or to discuss potential options.